Reputation Branding Commercials


Example Video: Hilton Hotels Commercial


*** To See More Examples of Our Reputation Branding Commercials

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  5. Goto google and search for “Tiffany Tampa reviews” – These videos rank well in google!

Now your company can have it’s own personalized Reputation Branding Commercial to use anywhere in your online marketing. We are offering a Beta program for local businesses, but to get in this production cycle so that we can meet our deadlines, we need you in the program by July 4th. These are high quality professionally done commercials that will highlight one of your customers great reviews.

What do you think it would cost to create one of these commercials?

    • Hire a Professional Spokes Model                 $800 + royalties
    • Stage a Hollywood Style Studio                    $750
    • Hire a Professional Videographer                  $500
    • Hire Make Up Artist                                         $175
    • Hire a Video Editor                                          $500
    • Hire Prime Time Graphics Animator              $400

                                          Total                              $3125

To syndicate and distribute:

      • Video Optimization                                            $50
      • Video Broadcasting                                          $200
      • Social Media Syndication                                 $250

                                           Total                               $500



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Hilton Hotel

Reputation Branding Commercial


Build A Bear

Reputation Branding Commercial


West Omaha Chiropractor

Reputation Branding Commercial


Disney Store Dallas TX

Reputation Branding Commercial